Mums List. The Week That Was...7th June-13th June.

Im rather late for this weeks  Mums List, I usually post on a Saturday but here I am 3 days later only just typing...oops! (Next weeks Mums List will tell you all about why! I like to do a Saturday to Friday and shall stick by it!)

If you follow my Instagram you will now that this last week has seen me become a fully fledged member of the 2am club...nope I haven't been out drinking tequila shots and cocktails, little Elsie has decided that 2am is the most exciting time of the day and is up most nights at around 1.45 until at least 2.30/3.00, I know that I should just feed her and pop her back in her cot BUT she is just too cute and I cant do it, shes still in our room and even if I did put her back in her cot she just spends the next 30/40 minutes chatting out least if shes sat in my bed she is quiet and their is no risk of waking the others!

Sometimes we are joined by the others...

Sometimes we lay together until she falls asleep

Sometimes she just wants to be

But which ever it it she always looks adorable!

I had a hair cut! Well I had my fringe Dean because it REALLY needed doing and he didn't actually do to bad a job!!

We visited Jenson's preschool teacher on Thursday...I cant believe in less than 3 months we will be saying goodbye to him every afternoon as he embarks on a new chapter in his life! (Oh its just to sad...I have tears at the thought of it! We are gonna miss him each afternoon! And the thought that next year he will be starting school and Evie will be starting preschool and it will just be me and Elsie...well that's just too much to handle and makes me feel like pouring a rather large tequila! 

Oh I almost forgot Friday night was DATE NIGHT! We went out without the kids (shock horror!) and enjoyed food and wine (well I enjoyed wine anyways!) and stayed up past 9.30! The biggest shock would possibly be that we didnt really have our phones out the whole time we were out, I mean I checked it a couple of times to make sure the kids were OK but other than that it was a technology free night (just how did our parents go on date nights without a mobile phone, I cant imagine been more than a quick phone call/text away!) 

On the blog!

Last week saw our first ever giveaway! (You can enter our ShoutyKid Giveaway HERE!) Last week also saw my Ellie right her first blog post for me as she reviewed and wrote the Shoutykid write up. 

This week also saw us get a makeover! It was looking too busy and dark so I have tried to streamline it all and brighten it up...what do you think? 


The only 2 things I am inspired to do, well want to achieve this week...
GET MORE ORGANISED with blog posts etc 


I WILL get my 1 stone award at Slimming World! I have 1.5lb to lose before I can get it and I am determined to get it next Monday! I really wanted to get it in May and failed miserably! But this week...its mine...I can feel it!!

Mums' Days
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Chicken and Spinach Curry. (Slimming World Friendly..SYN FREE!!)

I saw someone post this recipe but then, as usual lost the post so I scoured the web, looked at a few and wangled one up myself, which is my favouritist thing to do in the kitchen, make a recipe my own and then share with you lovelies!

What you need:
3 Chicken breasts (cubed)
2tbsp Medium Curry Powder 
1tsp Ground Ginger
1 large garlic clove
1 large onion (diced)
3 handfuls of Spinach
1 tin chopped tomatoes
250g Pasatta
1 chicken stock pot 

Fry your onion and garlic and fry for a couple of minutes.
Add the diced chicken and fry until golden brown.
Add the curry powder (i used 2 tbsp and couldnt really taste it so added more, if your unsure add less and add more to taste!) and fry for another minute or so before adding the tomatoes and passata.
Stir in the ginger and add the stock pot. 
Cook for around 15/20 minutes or until the chicken is cooked. 
In the last minute add the spinach and cook until its wilted down.
Serve with Rice and (if your lucky enough to not be following SW) a yummy warm Naan bread! MMMMM!!!!


Tasty Tuesdays on

Summer 2014. Our Family Bucket List.

Here it is, (at long last!). Our Summer bucket list...its quite a bit longer than our Spring Bucket List as we couldnt stop once we got started!

Again we all chose something we really wanted to do and then scoured Pinterest for other ideas...and wow there are loads of Summer Bucket Lists to get ideas from!!

I chose the Big Wild Sleepout with the RSBP, its a fundraising event and we are holding the full camping experience in the back garden on the 21st June! Its going to be loads of fun and we have planned lots of fun games and food to keep the kids entertained! You can see our ideas board on pinterest and if you would like to donate our just giving page is here if you are able and would like to help us raise our total of £50.

Dean chose rolling down hills and climbing trees, we are going to find a great National Trust venue to visit.

Ellie chose Laser Quest, Making Lemonade and a Beach Picnic.

Jenson chose a snail race (lol) and explore a rock pool.

Evie chose going on a boat!

It should be a fun summer with so much to get done! You can follow our aventure on Instagram and you can follow our hashtag #3princesses1dudesummerbucketlist

Have a great summer everyone! What are your summer 'must do's?

Cereal Box Football Pitch.

What better way to celebrate the impending World Cup than with you very own football pitch made from a cereal box! 

We're Having A Makeover!

So I decided the blog was to, erm, busy so decided to tidy it up and add some gadgets if I'm honest I havent a clue what I'm doing so please bear with me as i try and work my way through!
Im editing HTML codes as i speak...I dont even know what a html code is...I'm learning on the job! And if I somehow manage to make the blog disappear don't worry I will be back!!


Well the title says it really...yes today I am the WORLD'S BEST MUMMY! 

I just bought me and Ellie concert tickets! I have searched the internet for a festival to take Ellie to, she is a BIG BIG BIG music fan, in fact she has got to that age where she knows more popstar's than me! I wont lie in the lat few years since I've become a stay at home mum I have spent the most of my time pregnant and/or breastfeeding (no going out and dancing for me!!) and nurturing through the young baby/toddler years so my music knowledge is stuck at the Peppa Pig theme tune and the Mr Tumble song...erm and maybe we can throw in a couple of nursery rhymes namely row row your bloody boat and head shoulders knees and blooming toes! 

So this afternoon, after looking on Instagram at one lovely (and lucky!!!) mummy's photos from the 1D concert they have been to at the weekend (yes Tanya YOU!!!)well it got me all inspired.....

 First up it got me all 'oh I wish I could be one of those cool mummys' then I got to thinking hang on why cant I be one of those mummys? Number 1: My husband is perfectly capable of looking after the monsters whilst me and Ellie are away (well, im almost sure he is!) Number 2: I keep saying we will have a Mummy and Ellie day Number 3: Ellie is yearning for some time alone with her Mummy and last of all I just thought 'oh fuck it' (sorry bad language!!) enough umming and ahhing and I clicked buy and booked the hotel! 

We are going to the Hallam FM Summer Live concert in Sheffield, in the middle of July playing are: Little Mix (yep I know them and their songs!), The Vamps (I have heard of them dont know their songs, well I cant name their songs I'm sure once I hear them I will be oh yeah!), Katy B (yep heard of her too and some of her songs!), Neon Jungle (ermmm), 5SOS (er...) and a few others. I think I'm most excited about Kaiser Chiefs (eeeekkkkss!!!)

Using our free family rail card we are getting a great discount on travel (I dont drive!) and using I got us a great deal on a Premier Inn hotel (£56 for room AND breakfast!) close to both the train station and the arena BONUS!

And whats better we can even (hopefully) get some a likkle bit of summer clothes shopping done at Meadowhall before jumping on the train home! 

ShoutyKid by Simon Mayle - Book Review and Giveaway.

I'm passing over the laptop to Ellie as she is joining me on my blogging journey to write reviews (and maybe the odd post if I can persuade her!!)

She has been busy all morning writing up on paper so she knows what she wants to say...

So Ellie...the laptop is yours write away!!

Thanks Mummy!

Shoutykid (by Simon Mayle) is the story of Harry, who's dad just lost his job, on a quest to make a mega-amazing-zombie-movie with his friend Walnut. The story follows his journey through emails,texts and letters to people like the Queen,Harry Styles and a bunch of other cool actors,wrestlers and singers

really enjoyed this book and I loved all of the character's. The book made me laugh on the first page so I immediately knew the whole book would be funny.There were so many parts I love and not enough time to name them all, but include Harry freezes in his show and falls flat on his face, the flooding toilet and Harrys arch nemisis Ed Big Stock falling from the skate ramp!!

You need to get this book!!!!!! You can buy it here!

There's even a cool new website were you can enter competitions (to film your own kind of mini film), do activities and you can even get a preview of the book being read to you!

Oh and one more cool thing mummy is hosting a competition to win a copy of this this book enter below:


This review was written by Mummy's super duper 9 year old Ellie, we were sent this book for free but all opinions are honest and all my/our own.

Love from

Join The Number Constellations.

This was a great activity to get Jenson to think about the order of numbers. He isn't too confident at counting yet and this really helped him.

What you need:

Black paper
Star stickers
Sticky numbers

Starting simple for my Evie, Evie didn't really get it I didn't think she would as she's not even 2 I wasn't to fussed, but I like to involve her now she doesn't have a nap time when we used to focus on things like this. 

And I made 2 for Jenson but focused on 1-5.

Jenson did really well we used his favourite counting book as a tool to help him turning the pages to find the next number. I think it worked well. 

Make Your Own Space Tunnel.

Our crawl through space tunnel was an amazing hit with the kids and (for once) it looked great!

What you need:

large cardboard box
battery operated fairy lights 
screwdriver (or something to make small holes in your box)
sticky tape
dark blanket 
(ours wasn't free standing so we had to wedge it between our pouffe and a full wash basket, if you wanted it free standing you could use a deep box and not open it up so they could just sit inside!!)

It was really easy to make make  holes in your box to poke the fairy light heads into, holes for the planets to hang from cover with a blanket and there you have it play time!!


Mums List. Th Week That Was...31st May-6th June.

Its been a quite week this week what with the older kids back at school and potty training well and truly cracked its been a nice relaxed week!

Saturday saw my Ellie return from her Dads, we have been able to keep in touch this time round using Skype, it was nice to see her face and the littleys loved seeing her on the Ipad!

Someone missed their big sister!

My biggest princess...she loves a selfie (or 10!!!)

On Sunday we sat as a family to plan our Summer Bucket List...I really should have blogged it by now (as well as the Spring Bucket List Round up) but I haven't! I will do it this weekend PROMISE!

On Monday we set up our Just Giving Page please pop over if you have a few pence to spare, we are raising money for the RSPB and taking part in their #bigwildsleepout NEXT WEEKEND!!!!!! You can find out more about the RSPB #bigwildsleepout here!! Why don't you join in! You can also follow our ideas Pinterest board.

Monday Also saw the start of Space Week, you can find everything we got up to here! 

Tuesday Elsie enjoyed her first erm big bath with the others (I usually bath her in the sink!) she wasnt too keen to start bless her but she soon got settled once she got ahold of the flannel and attempted to suck it dry!!!!

Wednesday I was nominated for a Liebster Award by Caroline at Becoming A Stay At Home Mum my post is live if you want to read it and get to know me a little better, An Award...for ME!!!

Thursday was my Mummies birthday and we invited her and my Stepdad round for tea, I cooked my yummy Tex Mex Veggie Chilli its seriously  scrummy and (if you follow Slimming World), its TOTALLY SYN FREE!!!!

Friday was quite a stressful day, Thursday night Elsie was awake all night (that girl did not want to sleep and was quite happy to play all night!) and so obviously I didnt sleep meaning I was a very grumpy mummy come Friday late morning!! The tip of the iceberg came when I set up a simple pom pom and straw race...well you wuld think it would be simple and easy to blow a pom pom along using a straw...WRONG!!! No matter how many times I said it they kept turning their straw up so the sir was bloing upwards and nowhere near the bloody pom pom! Seriously I got completely stressed out about it and threw the bloody straws in the bin in my strop! I find if I just leave the room for a few minutes I can avoid the 'shout off' that so often happens in our house and so when I came back in and saw my little Jensey sat sad face and all with his pom poms I couldn't bring myself to put it away so we simplified the game and just blew them with our mouths...ahh far better, easier to do less stressful and actually quite stress relieving!! 

On the Blog!

This week saw me crack 5000 views! I know this might not sound alot to the big bloggers out there but for me, I didnt even think anyone would read my blog, let alone keep coming back! I thank you all!! My biggest thanks go to my Mum who I know reads every update I do, thanks Mum it means alot that at least 1 family member supports me in my blogging journey!! Also thanks to Leandra who ALWAYS shares my posts and always comments and always makes me feel like I do a great job...Thanks Leandra!

Also this week Ellie has wrote a review for a DVD set she has been watching and also a book she has been reading! Shes following in my blogger footsteps and is currently writing a couple of posts for me keep a look out for them this coming week!!

Oh and I made a start on my Pinterest boards this week! They are starting to look a little tidier and more organised.  And will hopefully make it easier for me to find stuff in the future!!


This week I NEED to get some Fathers Day bits organised...still nothing on my bloody  Pinterest board!!

And I also need to start planning Evies birthday party...though its all gonna have to be homemade because as usual I've left it to late AGAIN!!! (thank god for Pinterest and free printables!!!!)

What do you have planned for Fathers Day? Any must try ideas will be greatly received!!!

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Space Food!!

The monsters lunch times have been space themed this week!

From hotdog rockets to spaghetti and meat-eor balls...heres a quick look at what they ate:

Their Hotdog rockets went down a treat! Served with shooting stars (cheese) and Saturn rings (fried onions, not pictured)

Now I pushed it for this one! They were playing up and I didnt have much time! Man on the moon cheese sandwich with cheese craters, a banana rocket and biscuit planets!!! 

Our spaghetti and meat-eor balls with a yummy homemade sauce and some scrummy garlic bread! 
Starry ice cream. Yum! 

Eats Amazing Fun Food Friday

Activity Time. Shape Matching Rockets

This activity was so easy to prep, low maintenance and quick too. Whats not to love right? These shape matching rockets are a great way to get tots recognising and naming shapes as well as exploring space.

Activity Time. Space Playdough.

This was my most favourite play dough we have ever played with! If you have followed me from the beginning you will now how STRESSED I got the last time I made play dough. I did think this was heading that way but (luckily Dean was home and took control of the monsters!! 

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