Social Media,I Love You BUT...

To Social Media, I love you but...

Things have got to change. It's come to my attention that:

1. You pull me in, and make me forget what it was I was supposed to be doing resulting in burnt food...

2. I'd kinda rather have a conversation with you then my husband, and I'm kinda forgetting what his voice sounds like...actually ermm whats his name again?

3. My email is full of junk mail, because I sign up to some pretty sh*t things, just to enter a competition and maybe (ok, never) win!

4. I get into some arguements, I would usually avoid their was a breastfeeding fight with someone in my early Twitter/Blogging days...and I had a HUGE amount of people gang up on Twitter when I tweeted what I thought was a stupid news story about Tom and Jerry, lets just say plenty disagreed and in the end I just deleted my original tweet to stop all the nasty trolls.

5. I love a hashtag....and I probably overuse them, and I may be guilty of using them in ''normal'' conversations. #loveahashtag #sorrynotsorry

Photo from google images/atlanticwebworks

6. My knowledge of the 'real world' is whats trending on Twitter...

7. It doesn't matter that I dont get to watch any TV, I mean the kids watch their TV all day and the hubs watches his TV all night, but it doesn't matter because the Twitter world will tell me who just got kicked offaf X Factor, and whether they sang good or not*

*I Lie...I always watch X Factor! But you get the idea!

8. I sulk about stuff that doesn't matter, because of something you have shown me...yes YOU on Facebook with your spangly new nails, and your shiny new hair!

9. You make me laugh at stupid a man hoovering his sleeping girlfriends mouth...shouldn't be funny, but it is...and god I howled!!!

PS...I do still love you though!!