5 Ideas For A Husband and Wife Date Night.

One of my New Year Resolutions for 2015 is for me and Dean to reconnect. This last year we have lost 'it' and I intend to fight for our marriage, and get our friendship, and love, back!

So here are 5 Ideas for some date nights (the plan is at least 1 a month). Well actually there are 10 idea's...A Budget and Luxury idea for all 5!

1. Movie Night.

Budget: Popcorn, Chocolates, Sofa and your movie of choice! Snuggle up together and enjoy!

Luxury: Popcorn, Chocolates and a movie at the local cinema. Think you cant snuggle at the cinema? Think again! More and more cinemas are installing 'double seats'. Enjoy!

2. Table For 2.

Budget: Cook your favourite meal at home once the kids are in bed. Set the table, turn off your phones and 
enjoy each other company. 

Luxury: Head to your favourite restaurant and indulge, as well as enjoying a conversation...you remember what conversation is right?!?!?!

3. An 'Early' Night.

Image from 8pmwarrior.com

Budget: No money is needed for an early night...now all that you need to choose is what to do with it! Watch a movie? Catch up on TV? Orrrrr maybe something a bit more steamy....

Luxury: Book into a local (or not so local) hotel for a 'dirty weekend'...or you know just one night!

4. Go For A Walk. 

image from pixgood.com

Budget: No explanation needed really! Get your coat...you've pulled! Ice-cream on the beach? A sit on a park bench? A quick pint at the nice but not so close local?

Luxury: Why not back up a luxurious picnic hamper, champagne (and sausage rolls, obvs!) some blankets and take a ride out to a country park, lay down the back seats, add some fairy lights and enjoy an indoorsy/outdoorsy car-booty type picnic under the stars after your walk through the park! 

5. Date Night Bucket List  (In A Jar!)

Image from momruncraft.com

Budget: A jar of 'things to try' or 'things to do' 'films to watch' the worlds your oyster...Seriously ANYTHING you want! 

Luxury: A list of places to go, hotels to try, weekend's away, restaurants to eat at etc etc...