Do You Wanna Build A Snowman? Wooden Blocks Craft.

Its a well known fact that my kids flipping LOVE Frozen! So when I was thinking up some Christmas Crafts I took some inspiration from my Halloween Blocks when all of a sudden it hit me...

''Do you wanna build a Snowman?'' Literally do you (yes YOU!) want to build a snowman...with blocks! And hence these amazingly fabulous Olaf inspired blocks were made!

What you need:

Wooden blocks (7 cubes and 5 cuboids) 
White paint
Orange marker pen
Black marker pen
Blue glitter
Foam letters (and glue if they arent sticky!)

The rest is pretty much self explanatory, paint your blocks with white paint and on 3 of the cubes and 3 of the cuboids add a sprinkle of blue glitter and a letter on each one) Now for Olaf, I practiced first to make sure I got it right (I'm not the strongest artist!)

I can't wait to give these out as Christmas gifts to the Frozen lovers in the family!! I think they have turned out really well, and super cute! What do you think?