Oh No! kids Say The Funniest Things!

I wasn't going to post this one as thought it was maybe TMI! But in the midst of the 3am club, (not by choice because Elsie has decided) it seems like a good idea....

I took Evie to the public toilets a few weeks back and dam it as soon as she was done I needed it....dam it because it was period week, time of the month, blob whatever you call it so changing my tampon which usually Evie has no problem with...you know seeing as they HAVE to follow you every time you go loo...that was until you are in public and so obviously she decided to ask that favourite of kids questions WHY...not just why you doing that...that would have surficed in such a situation, ohhh no, instead she went for 

Why you putting nat (that) up in your fluff Mummy?

And not just quietly, LOUD as can be and of course been a public toilet it echoed...and I heard someone snigger (ass hole!) And you think I would have learnt that ignoring just makes them ask again but even louder....

Mummmmyyy what you putting up in your fluff? 

Then I heard another little voice from a distant cubicle...Mumma whassa fluff? Sorry to that Mummy, who's reply was an awkward silence and well, Thanks Evie....just thanks!!!!