Bad Habits. Are You Brave Enough To Admit To Them?

So I was just getting ready to come up to bed and in the bathroom (our bathroom is downstairs) I realised I have some of the WORST bad habits ever!!!

These are in no order...just as I think of them...

I Pump!! ALWAYS!

(fart/parp/trump/emmit gas/ whatever you want to call it) ALOT! And I'm not quiet about it either! (Sorry!) I am pretty sure this has gotten worse in the past couple of years, I mean they didnt used to be this loud! On the least they are smell-less! (sorrrryyyy!!!)

When I go to the toilet I leave the door open. ALWAYS!

I'm sure this is because I expect a little monster to follow me in at the exact second my pants are pulled down...

I 'forget' to shave my legs. ALWAYS!

I'm not sure how long it has been now....quite a while and enough time for my legs to resemble a bear! The worst thing? In winter they will be even worse!

I bite my nails. ALWAYS!

I bite and chew all the time, I cant help it, I dont even know I am doing it to be fair.

I make noises whilst I fall asleep.

Now this is something I have no idea about but Dean moans all the time...and the fact that exes used to say I did it to, so I suppose its time to admit to it...I make a sucky noise, like when a baby has a dummy noise, well apparently that is what I sound like and apparently its really annoying.

I sometimes pretend to be asleep so that I don't have to do the deed. 

Everyone does this...right? I mean its not all the time...just most of the time! I'm so tired I just cant be arsed!

I sometimes forget to brush my hair.

Like today when I realised in Morrisons I hadnt brushed my was 2 o clock...Luckily it was windy so nobody could tell!

I nag...and moan...and moan...and nag! ALWAYS!

I have no excuses, he works all day, I'm busy all day maybe we should work as a team instead of trying to get one over on each other all the time?

So there we have it all my bad habits, I'm sure Dean could name a million more.....God I'm Such A Catch! It's no wonder the hubs would rather watch shit on TV and play on his phone really is it!

All About You.

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