RSPB Big Wild Sleep-out!!

Back in June (2014)  we took part in the RSPB's Big Wild Sleepout, the weather was lush, the kids behaved and we had so much fun...(It also ticked off a few things on our 2014 Summer Bucket List!)

We set out our tent and filled it with duvets and pillows and extra blankets and set our table up with all our provisions for the night. There was so much food, we had been on Pinterest to find some food recipes and ideas. There was cup drinks for the kids, hotdogs, beans, bread rolls, nachos, precooked chips, bacon, eggs, tomatoes, salad then there was bananas, marshmallows, biscuits, chocolate...serious so much food!!!

We started our camp in the only way we could....toasted marshmallows as a reward for the stressful tent putting up!! In fact, we didn't stop eating marshmallows the whole night! We even melted a pan of chocolate so that we could dip them in!!

For tea we enjoyed foil packets filled with a selection of food so we set out all our goodies on the table and the kids helped themselves, mini hotdogs, beans, chips, nachos, cheese, salad and bread rolls then filled our foil packets with the food and threw it on the campfire/bbq to cook... 

Then pudding time! We chose Smore's, we have never had them before and now no matter how much I searched the internet I could not find an English alternative to Graham Crackers (Smores are an American treat of melted marshmallows sandwiched between 2 Graham Crackers and melted chocolate)  so we opted for digestive biscuits....and oh my goodness let me tell you THEY WERE AMAZING!!!!!! As you can see from Evie's chocolate covered mush, the monsters really enjoyed them!

We finished the night off with a big mug of hot Chocolate and then climbed in the tent to watch a film on the laptop.

Evie was first to fall asleep then D, then Jenson finally succumbed to his tiredness around 10.30 so me and Ellie sat and watched the end of the be interrupted by the loudest snuffling I have ever heard! 

Ellie wanted to know what it was and well I didnt know and then she did that 'kid thing' of panicking that it was a fox...and that the fox was gonna attack us...she was so convincing in this tale that I, the adult in this whole situation...THE ADULT....started to believe her (yes I'm an idiot!!!) so I sent Dean a quick text to come and have a look out the kitchen window and see what it was...We quickly got a text back....'THERES NOTHING THERE! GO SLEEP!'. So we settled back down to fall asleep...then it started again! So this time we rang Dean and begged him to come out and search the garden!!! He searched everywhere and couldnt find any trace of any animal...we were, apparantly, scaredy fools. I knew there was something so told him to turn the torch of and stand quiet and (thank goodness) within a few seconds the snuffling and rustling started again...

Dean finally located the cause of the snuffling...2 hedgehogs living under the playhouse (our playhouse is raised slightly from the floor)...



How can the tiny little creatures make such a noise!  So Ellie went out and joined him with the torches and went to look for the hedgehogs.

We finally got to sleep and when we woke in the morning we enjoyed a camping breakfast for kings! Dean came out the next morning to join us for breakfast, we enjoyed sausages, bacon, beans and tomatoes oohh and a 'fried egg' (if you could call it that it was kind of a mix between a fried egg and scrambled by the time i had scraped it from the foil 'cup' I had made for them to cook in!

We then all relaxed in the garden for a few hours, me and Elsie chilled in the tent whilst Jenson, Evie, Ellie and D played in the garden and Dean hung the washing out! 

Then as a late morning treat we had baked bananas complete with dark and white chocolate drops and mini marshmallows!! Yum!

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