Oh No!! Kids say the funniest things....and this is possibly one of the most embarrasing ever!!!

We were naughty on Monday night and had a chippy tea (straight after Sliming World weigh in....ooppps!) I had Jenson with me and he wanted to read the paper when this corker came out of his mouth.....

''Ohh I'm gonna read the paper...

I wanta see some boobies''

What the actual hell do you say to that? Well my response was to laugh...my mums response was to laugh...actually she may have snorted she laughed so much! The lady behind the counter didn't hear I dont think and one other customer was ordering so not sure if she heard or not...but still it was really embarrasing!

And what a shame for the boy that it was The Daily Mail...no boobies sorry buster!!!

His Dad's reply....That's My Boy!!!