Mums List. A Catch Up...

So much to blog bout but thought I would start with my fave linky Mums List hosted by Hannah at Mums Days

So what have we been up to for the last few weeks (3 and a half to be exact!!!!)

Well we have had Evie's party and birthday. The weather was just nice, no hot sun but it was warm and no rain so we cant complain! My lovely little sis Roxy let us borrow her house and garden (if you follow my Instagram you will know that our garden floods in bad rain and the few days to party day was just rain rain and more rain!!) We got a last minute bouncy castle and oh the kids lovvvvved it!!!


On her birthday we went for a day at the soft play as it was raining (dam weather!) for tea that night we had hot dogs and chips (Evies fave!) and drank pink lemonade from pink champagne flutes (classy!!!)...That night she also had her cake because im such a bad Mum and forgot about it on party day oops!!

(Yes I served it in a colander) 


Ellie went for a sleepover with her Brownie group, they were only 5 minutes away and every half term she goes of to her Dads (100 miles away) but I still hate leaving her new places and I tend to faff around for ages before leaving! So she told me of for being embarrassing ha ha!

We also had our Big Wild Sleepout for RSPB oh we had loads of fun (read about that later this week!) you can still donate if you want to help us raise a little more money (we are 30% of the way to our £50 target) Can you help? Just 50p would make a difference!

I FINALLY got my 1 stone award at Slimming World! Wooooo!!! That's literally all I have to say about that.

Ellie and D both had sports day, they both did great Ellie got 2nd place in her Egg and spoon race and D came first in his. Well done kids :)

On the blog.

As you will have gathered nothing much has happened blog wise. I did take some of Hannah's previous advice, from her Mums List, and set up a Facebook advertising campaign for my page in 7 days we went from 33 like to 141 not bad for a few pound!


I will be without internet for a bit longer I'm afraid BUT hopefully they will sort it ASAP! So I'll be back to blog in a few days but right now its time to go its getting on in the day and is time to go sort out the kids and get home ready for tea and bed. 

I have a few things that have been sent us to review so will try and post those as soon as I can.

But for now...Bye all my lovely readers, will blog again soon!!

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  1. Awwww, where you been all my life?! Glad to have you back for #Mumslist. Looks like you've been really busy and I loved Evie's party and castle - you totally crack me up though…a colander to serves chips and hot dogs in (genius) BUT you've put ketchup on (holes?)? hahaha :) Congrats on losing your stone (that's what I want to lose and have wanted to for the last YEAR!) and tweet me a link so I can sponsor you xxx

    Good luck going internet-less and look forward to hearing from you again soon! xxx

    1. ha haa!!! Hannah it honestly was ok...didnt make a mess! I am currently on the look out for some nice serving platters as it would seem we dont have any :)

  2. Woohoo!! Great news on your 1 stone award!! The first is always the hardest!!
    Looks like Evie had a lovely birthday xx

    1. Thanks Tanya...though this last week has been so stressfull im sure ive piled it all back on :( fingers crossed for weigh in on Monday x

  3. Happy birthday to Evie! Looks like an action packed few weeks! #mumslist


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