Space Play Dough.

This was my most favourite play dough we have ever played with! If you have followed me from the beginning you will now how STRESSED I got the last time I made play dough. I did think this was heading that way but (luckily Dean was home and took control of the monsters!! 

Black glittery play dough with LOTS of extra glitter! Along with silver glitter star beads, glow in the dark planets and stars and little spacemen toys. (All found on good old Ebay!) 

My recipe was: 

1/2 cup water
1 1/2 cup plain flour 
12ml Black food colouring
LOTS of glitter!

Mix the food colouring with the water then add with 1 cup flour to start then add glitter and extra flour as needed. Our dough was really stretchy!!

The kids absolutely loved this, I loved their creations and loved the stretchiness of the dough! I cant wait to make it again!!

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