Mums List. The Week That Was...7th June-13th June.

Im rather late for this weeks  Mums List, I usually post on a Saturday but here I am 3 days later only just typing...oops! (Next weeks Mums List will tell you all about why! I like to do a Saturday to Friday and shall stick by it!)

If you follow my Instagram you will now that this last week has seen me become a fully fledged member of the 2am club...nope I haven't been out drinking tequila shots and cocktails, little Elsie has decided that 2am is the most exciting time of the day and is up most nights at around 1.45 until at least 2.30/3.00, I know that I should just feed her and pop her back in her cot BUT she is just too cute and I cant do it, shes still in our room and even if I did put her back in her cot she just spends the next 30/40 minutes chatting out least if shes sat in my bed she is quiet and their is no risk of waking the others!

Sometimes we are joined by the others...

Sometimes we lay together until she falls asleep

Sometimes she just wants to be

But which ever it it she always looks adorable!

I had a hair cut! Well I had my fringe Dean because it REALLY needed doing and he didn't actually do to bad a job!!

We visited Jenson's preschool teacher on Thursday...I cant believe in less than 3 months we will be saying goodbye to him every afternoon as he embarks on a new chapter in his life! (Oh its just to sad...I have tears at the thought of it! We are gonna miss him each afternoon! And the thought that next year he will be starting school and Evie will be starting preschool and it will just be me and Elsie...well that's just too much to handle and makes me feel like pouring a rather large tequila! 

Oh I almost forgot Friday night was DATE NIGHT! We went out without the kids (shock horror!) and enjoyed food and wine (well I enjoyed wine anyways!) and stayed up past 9.30! The biggest shock would possibly be that we didnt really have our phones out the whole time we were out, I mean I checked it a couple of times to make sure the kids were OK but other than that it was a technology free night (just how did our parents go on date nights without a mobile phone, I cant imagine been more than a quick phone call/text away!) 

On the blog!

Last week saw our first ever giveaway! (You can enter our ShoutyKid Giveaway HERE!) Last week also saw my Ellie right her first blog post for me as she reviewed and wrote the Shoutykid write up. 

This week also saw us get a makeover! It was looking too busy and dark so I have tried to streamline it all and brighten it up...what do you think? 


The only 2 things I am inspired to do, well want to achieve this week...
GET MORE ORGANISED with blog posts etc 


I WILL get my 1 stone award at Slimming World! I have 1.5lb to lose before I can get it and I am determined to get it next Monday! I really wanted to get it in May and failed miserably! But this week...its mine...I can feel it!!

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  1. Hair and blog looking good Becky! I need a date night, you've inspired me to ask for babysitting assistance! I really miss Joss' little night visits, they were always at 4am but I never minded the cuddles! Good luck with your weightloss, hope you get that award!! #mumslist

  2. Oh yes, the blog does look good - nice and clean but still cute :) Oh, and what a lovely green badge you have above your Google+…;) Fab news about date night! But you know if our parents went out the sitter would call the restaurant if there were any probs!

    Good luck with your slimming world challenge! Your fringe does look great and although Elsie is too cute, you know nothing would get in my way when it comes to sleep ;) (except maybe tequila) Look forward to hearing what's been going on that's stopped you blogging! Intriguing!! Number 5 maybe?? hehee xxx


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