Mess Free Painted Paper Plate Butterflies.

We have focused this last fortnight on Minibeasts, bugs and the like. So after reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle, so we made these cute little butterflies.

What you will need:
paper plate
Ziploc bag
sticky tape and some parcel tape/duct ta
pipe clean

Cut your paper plate in half and put 3 blobs of paint on each piece then (an adult should do the next part!!) CAREFULLY put them in a ziploc bag and close it up, making sure there are is no air (I don't want to be responsible for paint covered anything) as I say now this right here is the cleanest paint activity you will ever do!

Now comes the fun part!  Drag, squash, squish the paint through the bag...see no messy clean up!!

When the squishing and prodding is finidhed, carefully take the plates from the bag and leave them to dry. Once dry overlap the rounded parts of the plate and stick down with the parcel tape/duct tape, the overlapping will ensure your butterfly 'flaps'. Then stick down the pipe cleaner antenna...done!

That's it done! Now you can enjoy your paper plate 'flappy' butterflies! 

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