Oh No!! Kids say the funniest things....and this is possibly one of the funniest ever!!!

The hubby just showed me a post on his Facebook, you may have seen it...it has photos of a man's head as he journeys through life...Single through to marriage.

Which reminded us of something Jenson said a few months back....

He was play fighting with Dean and all of a sudden as Dean ''fell'' to the floor, Jenson stopped mid laugh and fear flung through his face, ''what's up Jenson?'' his reply, and most definitely one of the funniest things I've ever known a kid to say

''Daddy's got a hole in his head!''

We asked what he meant he pointed to Daddy's (small) bald patch in the centre of his head....well you can safely say I nearly wet myself with laughter whilst Dean, well poor Dean just sat their shock on his face!! 

Ha ha ha!