The Week That Was...10th-16th May 2014

Another week done! Here is what we got up too...

1) Over the weekend, I cleared out the younger girls wardrobes to make way for the summer outfits I've been collecting the last few months! I really don't think they need anymore...but I know I'm a sucker for a cute baby outfit so they will get more stuff!!

2) The clear out continued when on Monday afternoon I decided, at 4 o clock, to start a toy clear out in Jenson and Evie's bedroom....well that was a stupid thing to do because at 4.45 Elsie was screaming for her tea and the room looked like this....

What you can't see is behind me was also a massive pile of stuff on Evie's bed and behind the door (you can just see) is a pile of toys...I was stuck in the room...had to clamber my way out and leave the room as it was!)

3)  Meaning I ended up having a night of no sleep because of these beauty's..... yes very cute but did mean I was squashed at the end of the bed and Dean was on the sofa for the night!

4) The results of my 'clear out' waiting for the Charity Shop to collect...


And after:

I know that the 'after' probably doesn't look anything special but the fact that you can now see the floor is great (for us!!) and now the room is ready to 'move' when we swap bedrooms round in a few weeks.

5) Sorting out maps for our weekend away! We are taking the kids (minus Ellie as apparently shes ''too old for that stuff'' now and would rather stay at her Nans and go to a friends party on Sunday...just where did my little girl go!!!

We are going to the Dinosaur Adventure Park in Norfolk. As you can imagine we have some VERY excited toddlers!!!

6) I started an exercise routine...the 30 day Abs challenge and the 30 day squat challenge, doesn't sound allot but I haven't done any exercise since before I was pregnant with Jenson! These are my uber cool and super expensive weights.....

7) I went on my first 'school trip' today it was a fabulous day organised by the schools Parent Support Adviser, we went to the The EcoCentre, a local nature reserve and community site.  I have never been before and can 100% hand on my heart say I WILL be returning! I wasn't able to take many (shouldn't have taken any!!) photos because it was a school trip, and that stupid school policy that someone else may get in on the photo ( I hate this policy with a passion!!!). But I'm planning on visiting again in a couple of weeks and I will take loads of photos and share them with you then! We enjoyed pond dipping, we found loads of newts and water snails and a few fish! We built dens in the forest and eat hot dogs and toasted marshmallows around the camp fire! It was so nice to spend some time with Ellie and have some fun with her.


1. I've decided that Tuesday nights are going to become Mummy and Ellie night....after a massive argument with her I have realised that she is just so jealous of the time that the others get to spend with me! So this coming week will be our first 'Mum and Daughter Date Night' (can I call it that?!?!?!), we have decided to go out for some food this week, something simple, I know it doesn't seem much but I thought if we go for food at least we can talk to each other!

2. I want to decorate all the kids rooms as we swap rooms soon, I've started looking on Pinterest for ideas you can see my inspiration board here! I have a board for Jenson's room but so far I have no inspiration at all!!!!

3. This week was ''skint week'' so food has been a bit boring and basic!! So I can't wait to go shopping and fill the fridge and cupboards with scrumptious goodies!!! A couple of recipes I want to try are here on my Slimming World Pin Board. Yum Yum cant wait for some nice food!!!


  1. Holy moly you have had a productive week! Bet it felt goid getting rid of all that stuff :-) best of luck with the new eating abd exercise regime #WotW

    1. Thanks...I didnt do great at slimming world this week (god dam!) but i AM back on it and definatly losing a few pounds this week! (i hope!!!)

  2. Wow, that's a lot of toy clearance! You're sorting loads out then. I like the idea of your night with Ellie, that sounds sweet. Holidaying in the UK is great. We went to Coombe Mill in March and really enjoyed it (I blogged it if you want to check it out!). We're off to Pembrokeshire next month, so looking forward to that, too :) Hope you decide on somwehere soon so you can plan it and start looking forward to it. Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    1. We always holiday in the UK, always have done and probably always will! Im 30 yrs old and have been abroad just twice! We didnt get to do Date Night this week, unfortunatly her behaviour has been so bad i had no choice but to take away her technology AND ground her from anything outside of the Brownies, no trip to Nannas, no after school club and finally no date night! (im gutted i was really looking forward to it!) X

  3. Definitely look much better when the toys are out. I am also startimng to clean some magazines out and by some I mean mountains. So goodluck to me and thanks for the inspirational photos. At least I have something to lopk forward to after cleaning> space .. clean space! #wotw

    1. Good Luck!!! We still have a long way to quite a hoarder!! x

  4. How busy?! I'm impressed with your tidying skillz, that was a LOT of toys! Good luck with the redecoration and move around, it'll be lovely once it's done :)

    I can't believe your kids would sleep next to each other in your bed - Reuben would think it was some sort of party and not sleep all night!

    If you're looking for somewhere to go in the hols, my parents have a lovely cottage in Derbyshire (near Buxton) and my mum was telling just yesterday that she's still got spaces. It would be snug for you (a double and a twin room, with an extra mattress you can put on the floor!) but certainly cheaper than a lot of other options!

    Oh finally, I love the idea of your night out with Ellie - you should google Love Bombing. I read about it on Actually Mummy's site and it's where you make sure you have some good quality alone time with your kid (she ended up watching a film in bed eating quality street - heaven!!!)

    Thanks for linking in again love :) xxx #MumsList

    1. Thanks Hannah! I was very suprised myself, they can be such monkeys, i think they knew Elsie was sleeping so behaved (for young ones they are actually quite considerate!)

      Ooohh I will message you on twitter at some point about the cottage that sounds great even if only to bear in mind for short breaks away!! We try and get away quite often I love for them to see and experience all the UK has to offer, It sounds like im ging for the old ''poor me'' but when i was younger my mum nor dad drove so we didnt get to visit many places we had one holiday a year and that was usually to repeat places in the UK and not to far as we travelled by train.

      I will have a look at Love Bombing, sounds interesting.

      Thanks for reading! Becky xx


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