Monster Hand Puppets.

We were supposed to be doing Pet Rocks today with D but seeing as D didn't end up coming round today and I cant actually remember where I put them (would you believe it I lost something else!!!) I decided we would make box monsters instead...that Jenson then decided made a great hand puppet..and obviously Evie copied!!

What you need:

I got the monster face printables from Design Dazzle.

Firstly I unfolded the cereal boxes and then the munchkins painted the 'inside' of the box (I apologise for the lack of photos I had a little Elsie bear on my lap but to be fair its really simple and doesnt need photos!)

They then stuck their eyes and bits on (they stuck with the paint).

That was it then we just left them to dry and then I stuck them back together ready to be played with! 

I love them one of my most fave things we have made in a while! What a great way to end our Monster Themed Week!