Toddler Yoga with Cosmic Kids Yoga.

Day 6 of the #wmlplayeachday was explore....I really wanted us to explore something new and as they both really enjoy dancing I thought we could explore the ways our bodies move with a spot of baby/toddler yoga!

It took me quite a while to find something that was engaging for them as much as me (as well as being able to find what I was looking for as a lot of pregnancy yoga came up).  I eventually stumbled across Cosmic Kids Yoga and found the YouTube posts to be perfect for Jenson and Evie it kept their attention and was bright and colourful with a really friendly host.

The way it works is the host Jaimie tells a story, an interactive adventure for you all to go on and the yoga moves are incorporated into the adventure. 

We started with Episode 1 "Squish the fish" and immediately Evie got started copying me and watching Jaimie (Jenson on the other hand was having a huffy moment for some reason and wouldn't join in but his eyes didn't move from the screen on the laptop and I would watch him grinning at the story...when all of a sudden he would remember that he was supposed to be huffy!

Jenson finally came to join us 5 minutes in (then huffed his way through the remaining 10 minutes) to the 15 minute programme. They wanted to do another episode which I opened episode 2 whilst I made some lunch and I could hear their giggling from the kitchen!

It is definitely something I will return to and has been bookmarked on my laptop for future use!

Sorry for the blurred pics!