Indoor Snow.

Now for a long time I've wanted to try this! Indoor Snow...amazing right?  Especially as the winter in the UK has somewhat lacked snow (gutted!). I got onto Pinterest to search for a suitable 'recipe' and quickly came across  D.I.Y Indoor Snowman on Modern Parents Messy Kids blog. I then sent the hubby of to Morrisons with a shopping list to collect my goodies...

What you will need:

500g cornflour
Shaving foam (we used 1 full and I had to use some extra) I found it much better to add a little at a time and see how you get on)
Loose parts (bottle lids, buttons and pipe cleaners work well)

A LARGE floor covering...that's if your kids are anything like mine and like a, erm, shall we call it 'authentic' snow experience!!

First you need to empty your cornflour into your container then add 1 can shaving foam....

Evie and Jenson LOVED watching the foam build up was pretty awesome to watch it didn't just fall as I expected it to, it kind of built up and built up like a sort of structure! I let the kids get stuck in to mix it up, and added more foam as it was needed. 

Now to say this part was messy would be the understatement of the year so be prepared! 

Once it's all mixed and prepped its playtime! 

We had Evie who was pretending it was snowing, literally flicking and throwing it EVERYWHERE and Jenson enjoyed the sensory experience squishing and squeezing it in his hands....until the devil on his shoulder got the better of him and he decided to join in with Evie's 'make it snow' experience!

Ellie decided to make snowmen....

They were pretty cool snowmen and Jenson loved it too, so much so that he knocked the poor snowman's head of in his excitement, much to Ellie's delight (not!),

Now came the clear up, which over at Modern Parents Messy Kids it sounded so idyllic it would all go in a lidded box and keep until next time, not with my monsters! 

The container was empty.

'The snow' was everywhere.

On the carpet.

On the sofa. 


Yet I look back on these photo's I took and you know I would do it again, they all had loads of fun, we had made memories that could never be cleared away, mess can be cleaned, and I want my kids to have the bestest, happiest memories and if that means we made a mess then so be it.

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