Dinosaur Sensory Bin.

Our Rice and Pom Pom Sensory Bin lasted a good couple of days before we started getting bored of it and it seemed like a shame to just throw out perfectly good rice, don't worry I didn't cook it I reused it in a new sensory bin!

We are STILL obsessed with Dinosaurs in this house, I don't think its going away quickly, everything we do revolves around dinosaurs right now, our books, our bath times, our playtime, days out...dinosaurs always come into play somewhere! Back in January I turned a big cardboard box into a 'dinoland' small world play box, well it started getting tatty and it was time for a new playground for our dinosaurs.

What you will need:

  • we use under bed storage boxes for our sensory bins as they keep the mess contained and are the perfect height for Jenson and Evie to play comfortably.
  • rice (we had ours left over from the last sensory bin)
  • compost (we had ours left over from a seed planting session) 
  • small world dinosaurs
  • leaves etc from a nature walk
  • small world 'rocks' 

We didn't go on a nature walk our front garden had all we needed....